Epilepsy and Midazolam

Workshop Overview

Facilitated by a Registered Nurse this workshop is designed to provide staff with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure that each participant with epilepsy and a medication regime that includes midazolam will receive support relevant and proportionate to their individual needs. 



Group bookings (up to 10 people)                                   $500 (inc. GST)

Travel and accommodation costs may apply


1 1/2 hour duration


Qualified Health Practitioner

Individual or Groups

What is Included?

This is a 1 ½hr workshop that provides staff with the knowledge and skills required to understand the condition of epilepsy and the support required to manage and respond effectively. Safeguards Commissions
  • Anatomy and physiology of the central nervous system 
  • The condition of epilepsy
  • Types of epilepsy
  • Response to seizures
  • Medication including midazolam administration
Who Should Attend?

Clients and their family members, direct care workers, team leaders, supervisors and managers of aged care and disability services


Workshop Duration

This is a 1 1/ 2 hour workshop where participants will receive 3 CPD points.

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